It’s all about you;
and a bit of fun mixed in...

We think it's great here, I would say that I'm employed to write good things so don't take my word for it, listen to our employee interviews and see what they think.

We are not going to tell you it's all love, love, love and fun, fun, fun. Recruitment is hard work. It's a demanding environment, but what an environment.




Modern offices so you want to work here, relaxed yet professional environment, our team is vibrant and full of motivation, and we know good ideas can come from anywhere.

From the moment our team enter the building in the morning, they receive the encouragement and support they need to do their jobs, and the freedom to make suggestions to improve their jobs.

The culture in our offices means that even on the tough days, we will try to eliminate the stress you feel.

Our culture maintains employee enthusiasm. Learn the meaning of unorthodox.



Need some support - ask and you get. It is in our interest for you to be successful.


We trust our employees and we want our employees to trust us – we know this is key to keeping our lines of support open.


We know that no two employees are the same, what one employee needs to support them could be very different from the next, which is why we keep our communication lines open. We can support you in a way that is best for you if we know what you need.

We want you to feel wanted and supported.


You’ve got a job you love, in an industry you love, and even then the likelihood is you will want to progress to the next level. Recruitment is a career; we view you as a career professional right from the start.

We know that if you grow as a career professional, we grow as a company. We can progress together.



Recruitment is hard work, but the rewards are there.

We know that if you get the rewards you deserve, this will make our workplace a better environment where you will feel valued and engaged.

Competitive salaries, outstanding commission structures, monthly bonus, profit related pay and above average holiday entitlement are a few of the rewards that we offer.


The likelihood is you don't want to spend all the hours of the day working, and we don't expect you to. Work life balance is important to us, we don't expect 50+ hours a week; we just expect results!

We hold quarterly events and fun days, aimed at not only improving the culture, but as a reward, something for you to look forward to.

You spend more of your life at work during the week, so you may as well enjoy it.

Let us be part of your future

Head office

Unit 2B,
Capricorn Park,
Blakewater Road,
Greenbank Business Park,
Blackburn, BB1 5QR

Tel. 01254 781300
Company No: 6281400