Rear View Mirrors

Recruitment is a given. It's not only people that develop, change, and progress, but businesses too. Transformation and improvement is happening now. Rear view mirrors are like regrets, things of the past, only experiences used to improve the future.
The new inspirations and success stories are lying ahead of us waiting to be discovered and set free in your business, to improve and innovate. If you stand out from the status quo then you need your colleagues to do the same.
We don’t just recruit, we target, select and attract people for the future success of your business. We are not the typical recruiter, so don’t expect typical results.


You are different, the industry you work in is different, you are different in your requirements, so why is traditional recruitment a one track process? It can be different; we believe that we are different. By putting you first we are already different.

Get the picture?... we just need to understand yours …

Each of our Consultants are just that, Consultants. Operating in niche vertical markets they understand the sector. From this starting point we can then focus our sole attention on understanding you and your needs, understanding your picture.

“SER have been recruiting for our business for many years and I have yet to see someone with their level of follow up and attention to the task at hand”

Client – Delta Lighting Solutions

“Personable and commercial approach in understanding the people-briefs. Fully connected and up to date with the industry knowledge, I would recommend SER without hesitation”.

Client – Grundon Waste Services

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