Where do Unicorns live?
Is it under rainbows?

You may ask what has a question that came from my five year old daughter got to do with recruitment and how SER provides its services.

Well the answer is in the question itself and your reaction to it. We challenge the norm and push for the unorthodox. We do this with a smile on our face and a real belief that we are the only ones able to find you the very best solution.

The process starts with candidates, potentials and passives; people who have the right skills, people in your sector. Through engagement via social media and providing insightful and useful content we make them aware of us. We then make sure that we build on that engagement.

It's here that you come in; we start to work with you and understand your requirements for both a candidate's ability and attitude. We then simply take your brand and our understanding to our engaged candidates and then let the clever stuff happen.

Job boards, CV Databases, online advertising; yes we still get involved in these to a degree, because this old hat trade operates on a first come first served basis, but our main focus is inbound marketing.

As stated before we are not the typical recruiter, so don't expect typical results, but do continue to ask the question, where do Unicorns live?


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